Utilizing Social Media for Political Campaign

by GDP Venture
Social Media Campaign

Technology and social media companies have been tapped to help the American public engage with Donald Trump, the Republican nominee, and Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee, during the three debates. Both Facebook and Google are providing data to the moderators of all the debates about what kinds of issues people care about.

This is the first time that it’s being done for a election debate. However, USA once have been gathered questions from the public via social media for primary debates dating back to 2007. Now, Facebook and Google will provide user search data for the three scheduled debates. The information will give moderators a sense of what people are searching for on the Internet in connection to the election. The effort is being coordinated by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Facebook also will be on-site during the debates to help students and the media use Facebook Live to broadcast from the universities where the debates will be held. Snapchat will also play a role in the debates, aggregating users’ photos into a “Live Story” and giving users an inside look at the events. Meanwhile, Twitter also tapped into the same game by announced a new partnership with Bloomberg to livestream of all three presidential debates, plus the vice presidential debate.

Over the past year or so, mobile and social traffic has started to play a much larger role for presidential election including in Indonesia. We once witnessed the impact of social networks to national presidential election between Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto back in 2014.

Google provided a microsite that encourage Indonesian political participation at all levels to use their votes. And the debates and discussions can be seen all over the platform on Facebook, Twitter, and other online news outlets. Two years ago video streaming services aren’t happening as now we knew, and since Jakarta gubernatorial election is close we may see the same enthusiasm like once again.

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