Volunteers from Creative Industry launched Masker for Indonesia Movement

by Printerous

As a concern to cut the transmission of the corona virus and support the government's advice in wearing non-medical fabric masks, on Tuesday, April 14, 2020, MASKER FOR INDONESIA movement was launched. The movement, which was initiated by a group of volunteers from Indonesia creative industries, aims to increase awareness of the use of non-medical cloth masks and help the sustainability of MSMEs involved in this movement.

In Indonesia, the number of Covid-19 positive patients continue to increase and the death rate is also alarming even though the government has been encouraging everyone to do their activities at home. Now the government also encourages people to use non-medical cloth masks when leaving the house so that it can prevent and reduce the transmission of corona virus. In addition, using non-medical cloth masks is expected to help reduce the scarcity of medical mask stock for health workers.

"We help to deliver the government's mission and facilitate non-medical fabric masks for everyone, because we are aware and understand that using non-medical cloth masks is still limited in the community. We also want to give access to everyone to share masks with others. In the process, we embrace artists and MSMEs to collaborate. "Say Kevin Osmond, one of the activists of MASKER FOR INDONESIA volunteers.

A number of Indonesian artists and MSMEs have collaborated in this movement and are increasing every day. The Goods Dept., Bluesvilles, Liunic on Things, Locale, Untold, Abenk Alter, Heimlo, Ardneks, Ykha Amelz, Kamengski, Darbotz, and Sanchia Hamidjaja who have designed masks that are ready to be ordered are also given to those who need them.

Anton Wirjono, founder of The Goods Dept and a volunteer, added, "Through the MASKER FOR INDONESIA movement, it is hoped that MSMEs can help curb the spread of the corona virus through our creations."

"It's rughtly that as Indonesians we are hand in hand to help the nation. As an artist, I contribute through my artwork that is used as a design for non-medical fabric masks. Besides that, hopefully this movement can inspire other Indonesian artists to contribute. " said one of the homeland artists, Abenk Alter.

Only with simple steps, everyone can contribute, ORDER 1, SHARE 3, meaning when you order 1 cloth mask, you automatically pay for 3 other cloth masks to share them to those in need. To distribute non-medical fabric masks, MASKER FOR INDONESIA partnered with a number of organizations such as BenihBaik.com, GP ANSOR (ANSOR Youth Movement), IMM (Muhammadiyah Student Association), Strong Indonesian Movement, PPDI (Indonesian Disability Association), and the Step Foundation Love.

Non-medical fabric masks can be ordered at www.maskeruntuk.id. they are made of scuba-cloth that are able to prevent particles and droplets because of their smooth and dense fibers. This scuba cloth mask can also be washed and used repeatedly. Not only safe, this scuba-cloth mask is made from not easily torn soft material that will make the users more comfortable using it.

This movement is also supported by celebrities and community leaders namely Andy F. Noya, Najwa Shihab, Chicco Jerikho, Joe Taslim, Julie Estelle, Nino RAN, Armand Maulana, Yosi Mokalu, Caca Tengker, Didiet Maulana, Lukman Sardi, Uya Kuya, Choky Sitohang, Giring Ganesha, Melaney Ricardo, Boy William, Jessica Mila and several other names that also concern for the whole of Indonesian society. It is hoped that with more and more people contributing, the MASKER FOR INDONESIA movement can help curb the spread of the pandemic and help increase the productivity of Indonesia's MSMEs to continue working.


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